W​e believe we are successful if our clients are successful.  This means: ​


Respecting the privacy of our clients and their business information is one of our guiding principles. Through our dedication to maintaining the integrity of client relationships, we share client names, but do not disclose any general or specific client projects or results on our website or in any of our materials. 

Highest Quality

We deliver exceptional results for our clients' organizations. We maintain high standards for service and support so that our clients can maximize their return on investment when engaging with us. If, at the close of any event, our clients disagree with the value created, the fees for that event shall be waived and only our expenses will be billed.

Client-Defined Value

FlowRiver Group's primary focus is to deliver superior value to our clients, as they define it.  We take pride in putting our clients' interests first and not in seeking ways to create billable hours or engaging excess consultants. We strive to be long-term, trusted advisors by aligning our approach with what is important to our clients' businesses and helping solve real operational challenges.   


Includes Consumer Products, Industrial Products, Biotechnology, Private Equity and Business Services

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