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Whether you are just starting your lean journey or want to improve your existing program, FlowRiver Group will guide your organization through a proven model for achieving your vision, developing a sustainable competitive advantage, attracting and retaining top talent and accelerating and sustaining measurable business results. 


Strategy Formulation and Deployment


Executive Coaching and High-Performance Team Building


World-Class Operations 


High Performance Culture

Create and implement a focused plan to grow and win in the marketplace



  • Voice of the Customer

  • Strategy Formulation & Deployment

  • Agile Scrum Product & Process Development

  • Operations & Supply Chain Optimization

  • 3P Methodology

  • Lean Start-up & Launch

  • Commercial Excellence

Drive critical business needs by aligning the organization and coaching the right talent



  • Executive and Leadership Coaching

  • Goals and Plans Development

  • Organizational Structure Alignment

  • Positive Management Practices

  • Conflict Resolution & Team Building

  • Rewards Systems Implementation 

  • Performance Feedback & Learning Cycles

Apply proven tools and practices and transfer critical knowlegde needed to drive efficiency and effectiveness


  • Operational Excellence

  • Implementation of Lean Six Sigma Methodology

  • Development and Implementation of Master Quality Plans

  • Supply Chain Optimization

  • End-to-End Supply Chain

  • Distribution Flow

  • Capital Efficiency

Envision opportunities, enlist partners, engage the team and execute with excellence



  • Leading a Lean Transformation

  • Managing and Excelling in a Lean Environment

  • Visual Problem SolvingTM

  • Strategic Supplier Partnering

  • Acquisition Integration

  • Global Expansion

  • Enhance Procurement and Optimize Sourcing

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