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​We understand the challenges you face today, from increasing global competition to maximizing customer value by delivering the best products and services at the lowest cost in the shortest time. We also recognize that resources are limited, yet the pressure to deliver results right away remains.


FlowRiver Group is a global consulting and executive coaching firm dedicated to helping clients solve their most challenging operational problems and build a solid foundation for achieving operational excellence.


Operational Excellence, Lean, Six-Sigma, Consulting
  • Tailored solutions rooted in lean  fundamentals

  • Hands-on experience in leading lean transformations​

  • Deliver accelerated, sustainable results

  • Record of successful partnerships

  • Operations strategy development and deployment

  • Executive coaching and high-performance team building

  • Lean Six Sigma transformation and operational excellence

  • End-to-end supply chain excellence


Learn about our guiding core values:


  • Confidentiality


  • Highest quality


  • Client-defined value

Operational Excellence, Lean, Six-Sigma, Consulting
Operational Excellence, Lean, Six-Sigma, Consulting



We are pleased to welcome our newest client

EagleView Technologies 


The original lean thinker and creator of the Toyota Production System (TPS), Taichi Ohno, inspired our name and logo.


In his teachings, Mr. Ohno noted the importance of products and services flowing continuously through an organization like water in a river.  We believe this holds true not just in products and services, but also in organizational effectiveness, efficiency and decision making.  Just like a river that runs from the water source to the ocean, each department in an organization plays a role in delivering value to the customer.


The flow of a river is not always homogeneous; some areas flow smoothly, some have impediments that create rapids, other areas contain snags or blockages that cause diversions or slow movement to a crawl.  This analogy holds true in organizations as in nature.  


FlowRiver Group can help you eliminate the impediments, snags and obstacles in your organization so that your river of value runs smoothly to the customer.

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